Mount Holyoke News is an independent student newspaper since 1917, written by and for Mount Holyoke College students. It is a weekly publication that prints throughout the academic year and is distributed to the Mount Holyoke community.



Subscriptions can be purchased for $65/year or $35/semester. All checks must be made out to Mount Holyoke College. Questions or concerns can be emailed to mhnews@mtholyoke.edu

Please send cash or check, mailing address and email to:

Mount Holyoke  College

Mount Holyoke  News

#9007 Blanchard Campus Center

50 College St., South Hadley, MA 01075



MHN offers both print and online advertising options. Interest in advertising can be directed to mhnews@mtholyoke.edu for pricing and deadlines. 

MHN reserves the right to refuse submissions on the basis of, but not limited to, advertisements considered to be libelous, obscene, defamatory, or discriminatory.


Join the Mount Holyoke News  

Email mhnews@mtholyoke.edu for more information and to apply. 

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Executive Board 

Editor-in-Chief — Lindsey McGinnis '18

Publisher — Risha Dewan '18

Managing Editor of Content — Emily Blomquist '18

Business Manager — Lyuba Popadic '19

Managing Editor of Layout — Lindsay Theobald '18

Copy Chief — Rumi Handen '18


Layout Assistants — Yelingzi Liu '20

Staff Editors 

News — Abby Baker '19, Eileen O'Grady '18 and Anna Shortridge '19

A&E —  Sarah Olsen '18 and Ahlia Dunn '20 (assistant)

Books —   Sarah Cavar '20 and Riley Guerrero '20

Features — Caitlin Lynch '20 and Helen Eldred '20 (assistant)

Global — Sarah Lofstrom '19 and Gabby Raymond '20

Health & Science — Sabrina Edwards '20 and Sara Rottger '19

Op/Ed — Chloe Jensen '20 and Lily Reavis '21

Sports — Deyscha Smith '19

Graphics — Carrie Clowers '18

Photos — Ayla Safran '18, Izzy Olgaard '18 and Advika Mukherjee '18 (assistant)

Publication Guidlines

Mount Holyoke News does not endorse any of the opinions or views expressed within the pages of the paper, excluding staff editorials. 

All content copyright of Mount Holyoke News. All rights reserved. Mount Holyoke News does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or age.