This February in Mount Holyoke News history



Students favored the proposed system of self-scheduled final exams. 70 percent of the student body responded to a questionnaire regarding self-scheduling final exams. 90 percent of respondents said they would favor the system. A sizable majority of students claimed they would be willing to distribute, collect and return exams to professors. The response showed that enough students would be willing to volunteer their time to make the plan feasible. Many students felt dissatisfied over the exam schedule at the time. Student comments said, "such a system would eliminate much of the tension and pressure of having exams too close together," and "I feel it is better to screw yourself than to be screwed by the system." Students not in favor of the system commented, "an exam schedule can only be bad — I'd rather not be responsible for my own hell." Students also commented on the honor system that would be employed in self-scheduling exams. The comments showed no consensus on the subject of academic integrity, however, one said, "students who would cheat in this system would cheat under any system, including the one in practice now."


South Hadley became the first and only place to buy the new two-cent Mary Lyon postage stamp. The South Hadley postmaster, John G. Barry, said it was a once in a lifetime event, "or maybe not even that." The Mary Lyon stamp replaced the current stamp, which honored Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, as part of the Great Americans Series. Barry predicted that many people would travel to South Hadley to buy the stamp. A First Day of Issue Ceremony was held in Chapin on Saturday, February 28, 1987. The Chamber Singers performed an original work composed by music professor Allen Bonde for the occasion. Professor Bonde created the piece using quotations from Mary Lyon.


The Career Development Center launched their website dedicated to listing job and internship opportunities. It offered everything from how to create a resume to how to ask your professor to write you a letter of recommendation. The then associate director of internship programs at the CDC, David Machowski, said the website "is for anyone interested in career exploration at any level." Student feedback was positive. Lynn Fletcher '98 said, "I was really impressed by the amount of information and how well it was organized. It's a good resource." Fletcher later added that while she was impressed with the site, she would prefer to look in a newspaper for information. "It's really easy to get sidetracked on the web," she said. "I wouldn't count on having all your announcements on the web."


Campus life was disrupted by the construction of Creighton. Some of the buildings in close proximity to the site experienced a variety of difficulties, particularly Pratt. "Since we are a Music Department, sounds affects us more than most, so we will spend the next 18 months feeling like we are working with a constant low-grade headache," said the chair of the music department Linda Laderach. North and South Mendelle, 1837, Rooke Theater, Pratt, Dining Services and Facilities Management lost power due to erosion from the building site affecting an electrical ductbank. Students living in Buckland claimed that the construction site noises – beeping trucks and demolition – was frustrating, and could be heard as early as 7 a.m. Construction was scheduled to end June 1, 2008 with students moving into the dorm later that fall.