Never Fear: Vibrators


There are so many great options! A good first step is to go into a sex toy shop and touch things. There is an amazing shop in Northampton called Oh My Sensuality Shop that is full of friendly, helpful staff. Pay attention to what your body likes and wants, and maybe try a few different toys. A good sex toy will probably be pricy, but I promise it’s worth it. For penetration there are a few different things to think about: the material, the density of the toy, the shape and realistic nature, color, size and vibration options are the main ones. The material should be medical grade silicone, glass or metal. Silicone is my personal favorite, as it feels the most organic. It’s also most likely to be the type that’s going to vibrate. Here are some of my favorite options:

Vixen Creations: $36-$147 

Vixen’s silicone comes in a few different density options. Some have a solid silicon core that is wrapped in soft squishy layer, which is meant to mimic a biological penis. Others have solid silicone all the way through. They’re mostly realistic with non-realistic color options. A lot of dildos have a hole in the base to put a vibrating bullet, which will make the whole thing vibrate. If any of these are going in your butt, please refer back to my last column. Some important highlights on butt penetration — make sure the base is flared, use lube and put condoms over silicone to keep bacteria out.

Lelo: $84-$219
(They also offer a solid 24k gold vibrator for $15,000 if you’re feeling decadent.) 

For vagina-havers, Lelo offers a choice of vibrators geared towards clitoral stimulation, G-spot stimulation and/or penetration. According to Lelo’s website, Soraya and Ina are their rabbit style toys which will provide penetration and clitoral stimulation, Gigi is a G-spot stimulator and Isla is a penetrative vibrator. Have a look and see what shape would suit your fancy. The skin on these toys is amazingly soft and high quality, the designs are beautiful and they’re all waterproof.

Whoop-De-Doo: $95, $255 

These are all basically sold out, but they’re so cool and are available for preorder. Anna Maresova’s aim with the Red Dot Award winning line was to break the sex toy stereotype. No longer is everything explicitly cock-shaped, heteronormative and an odd pink or purple color. The line of eggs, balls, and singular vibrators is white and black, minimalistic and can be used for internal or external stimulation.

The Buck Off: $29.95 

This isn’t a penetrative toy, but it deserves to be talked about. The ‘Buck Off’ is the first sex toy made specifically for trans men. In an interview with Vice Magazine, the engineer and trans activist Buck Angel said, “A lot of people who are making or have made the transition from female to male do not want to touch their genitals ... They are very disassociated from their vaginas because it doesn’t feel masculine to them.” Because of this he designed The Buck Off as a masturbation sleeve that provides suction. There’s a how-to video on Pornhub if you want more information, featuring a nude Buck Angel.

Rachel Richards is a Peer Health Educator at Mount Holyoke College.