Rachel Richards

Never Fear: Menstrual Cups


They are an alternative method to dealing with your period, cost about $30, and can be reused for 10 years, which saves a lot on waste and the cost of buying disposable pads and tampons every month. Menstrual cups are silicone cups with a small — usually textured — tail that aids in removal. To insert it, you fold the cup into a C shape by flattening it and folding it in half, and slip it into your vagina. I cover mine in lube to ease this process, but I don’t think that’s a common practice. Once it’s in there it’ll pop back to it’s original shape. You want it up against your cervix, so push it up and back towards your spine, and run your finger around the rim to make sure it’s in the right place and has formed a seal. It’s that seal that will prevent leaking. To remove it, grab the tail to pull it down far enough for you to grip the base. Squeeze it to break the seal, and carefully pull it out. Empty the contents into a toilet, sink, or my personal favorite—in the shower. Rinse it out, and pop it back in. 

Never Fear: Vibrators


There are so many great options! A good first step is to go into a sex toy shop and touch things. There is an amazing shop in Northampton called Oh My Sensuality Shop that is full of friendly, helpful staff. Pay attention to what your body likes and wants, and maybe try a few different toys. A good sex toy will probably be pricy, but I promise it’s worth it. 

Never Fear: Squirting


Squirting, common vernacular for female ejaculation, is when someone with a vagina expels, shoots or gushes liquid out of their urethra, often accompanying an orgasm. It’s honestly really cool and sometimes a little messy. The jury is out on what the liquid actually is. It does contain trace amounts of pee.