Executive Board

Editor-in-Chief Lily Reavis ’21

Managing Editor of Content Sabrina Edwards ’20

Publisher Andrea Gutierrez ’20

Managing Editor of Web Ahlia Dunn ’20

Managing Editor of Layout Yasmin Andrews ’22

Copy Chief Maddy Ritter ’20

Business Manager Caitlin Lynch ’20

Human Resources Team Olivia Marble ’21 and Saee Chitale ’22

Editorial Staff

News Anna Kane ’20, Kate Turner ’21 and Elizabeth Lewis ’22

Features Mimi Huckins ’21 and Assistant Editor Gauri Kaushik ’23

Op-Ed Nina Larbi ’21 and Zoe Greenberg ’23

Arts and Entertainment Emma Martin ’20 and Assistant Editor Sabryna Coppola ’22

Global Casey Roepke ’21 and Assistant Editor Rebecca Liang ’22

Health and Science Thea Burke ’20

Books Deanna Kalian ’20 and Assistant Editor Olivia Pitcher ’23

Sports Assistant Editor Meryl Phair ’20


Creative Staff

Photos Flannery Langton ’22 and Assistant Editor Qin Li ’21

Graphics Kinsey Ratzman ’21 and Callie Wohlgemuth ’21