Alums Speak on the Direction of Mount Holyoke College: Meg Massey '08


Having been out of college for nearly a decade and working with a lot of recent grads, including recent Mount Holyoke grads, I really don’t see a ton of light shone on how Mount Holyoke and any top 10, 20 or 30 school prepares its graduates for the work force. 

Because of this,  I have been wondering for some time if it’s less about what Mount Holyoke is or isn’t doing and more that the gaps between the schools in that top half are really shrinking. That factors that didn’t matter much 20 or 30 years ago really matter today. We might still be on par with Wellesley and Smith, but that one-point difference in whatever category now puts us 10–20 spots behind them instead of right with them.