Letter to the Editor: Saadia El Karfi '17

I personally believe that the Princeton Review rankings are true to the reality of Mount Holyoke and its community. I am definitely hoping for these rankings to keep going up in the future. However, one must keep in mind that these rankings are very subjective and rankings never mean much to me at least on a personal level. Mount Holyoke is a self-selective school and nobody just tosses an application our way. People who choose to come to Mount Holyoke come here for a number of reasons. While the school definitely has a lot to work on as the times are changing, I believe we are on the right path of change. The school is facing a lot of changes and this is true to all other seven sisters and women’s colleges. 

While I do want Mount Holyoke to work very hard on catering to all its current students, I believe the administration and the alumnae association should join efforts to know how to communicate these changes to our alums. The student and alumnae connections are very important to our community and to who we are and we should be very careful about how we communicate change to the alums who are absolutely an important part of our community. 

As an international, I believe the school is making strides in catering to us and serving our needs, but I am hoping this won’t stop and that further changes and improvements will be administered to make sure international students are comfortable on this campus and have their needs met. I am very optimistic about the future and I hope the changes we are facing will bring us together rather than divide us apart. We should not forget where we are coming from and how and why Mount Holyoke was built and established by Mary Lyon in 1837. The core values and pillars for which this institution was built should be the main drives and motivators to help our community accept and be part of the change. —Saadia El Karfi ’17