Haute Cuisine Hot-Takes: The best and worst M&Cs


Are you new to Mount Holyoke and unsure if that “Milk & Cookies” thing is all it’s cracked up to be? Are you a cynical returning student looking to validate your burning hatred for craisin oatmeal bars? Here are some hot takes to help you navigate M&Cs.

Let’s start with some of the least popular offerings: Trail mix cookies are mediocre at best; they’d be much better without the “golden raisins” -— why, oh why would you ever ruin a cookie with a raisin? You can trust peanut butter brownies to elicit reactions of confusion and anger, as they taste more like blondies than brownies and lack even a hint of peanut butter flavor. If carrots and salsa were still served, they would undeniably be the most hated, but they’re gone and we can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

The most popular selections often include chocolate in one form or another. When it comes to cookies, chocolate chip and chocolate espresso both do the trick, as do M&M, although they could all stand to be just a tad gooier. Chocolate brownies are rich and filling enough to top most students’ personal lists, and chocolate cupcakes (which are vegan and gluten-free when served at Community M&Cs) might be my personal favorite. 

Some popular but less-chocolate-y options, include sugar cookies and cinnamon sugar doughnut holes. The peanut butter chocolate chip bars are a great option if you’re craving something with a bit more nuance than a regular ol’ chocolate treat. As for tiramisu cupcakes, the mythical M&Cs unicorn, you might have to fight for one, but they’re more than worth it. 

Finally, it is worth noting that Community M&Cs are, almost without fail, the best of the best. I have yet to hear any complaints about cannolis, mini cheesecakes and cupcakes served with apple cider and hot cocoa. Admittedly, the walk to Blanch may be inconvenient for our far-flung neighbors (AKA residents of Ham and MacGregor), but surely these tiny gourmet desserts merit some additional effort on our part. Many of us also have questions about the impact SuperBlanch’s opening will have on this tradition. Will it bring about a revolution in delicious, craisin-free pastries? Will we finally have enough cupcakes to snack with wild abandon? Only time will tell.