An MHC professor’s memoir as a newspaper editor


The nailing of a condom machine to the wall of the student union corridor was one of the first controversies I encountered when I was working at a college newspaper in the mid to late 1990s (the ban on contraception in Ireland for anyone not married had only just been overturned).

Journalistic integrity is a state law, not an option


I’m not a performer, and yet, a perfect stranger made me one when I was waiting in line at a field trip as a camp counselor. I had decided to dance and laugh with the campers I had been watching. The group of us were having fun; the sun was glaring down and my campers were drinking their weight in water, but we still managed to be silly. In the middle of a twirl, my eyes met a woman and her phone. She quickly shoved her phone in her pocket and looked away, trying to hide the fact that she had been recording me and my campers — a crime in the state of Massachusetts.