MHACASA hosts “Legacy” at Chapin


MHACASA,  the Mount Holyoke African & Caribbean Students’ Association, drew students from around the Valley to Chapin Auditorium on Saturday night for their first party of the year: “Legacy.”

Proceeds from ticket sales of “Legacy” (which were $7 before 11:30 p.m. and $10 afterwards) will be donated to a non-profit organization at the end of the year. Proceeds from all events put on by MHACASA are given to charity. 

According to Rhema Andah ’18, the acting social chair of MHACASA, a different non-profit organization is chosen each year.

Members of MHACASA are pitched a number of possible organizations and then vote on which one will benefit most from the donation. In the past, proceeds have been donated to countries in Africa and countries in the Caribbean.

As the third annual All-Black Affair (where guests dress in all black) there were high expectations for “Legacy.” MHCASA’s new board— who stood out in red clothing Saturday night — worked throughout the summer to prepare for the event. 

“We’ve got to set the pace for what’s going to happen during the school year,” Maria Lewis ’18, the Caribbean social chair said. “For us to get money we’ve got to letpeople know that it’s going to be lit ... there’s a lot of pressure.”

Codewine DJs, a New England-based music group, provided music for the party. Codewine has collaborated with MHACASA parties in the past, including “Tribe” last semester. According to Codewine’s twitter page, “Legacy” is the group’s first stop on their college tour.

Lewis hoped “Legacy” would provide a space where students could relax and de-stress from demands of the beginning of the semester.

“Have fun. That’s what [the party is] here for,” Lewis said. “It’s a safe place for students to come and let loose.”

Tamia Williams ’18, the Caribbean intercollegiate representative for MHACASA, also hoped party attendees had fun and said they should “party whatever they’ve got now because when the semester starts they’ll be struggling.”