The Retro Minimalist

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Ellie Dolan ’18 is a Film Studies major with a truly eclectic fashion sense, who loves to showcase her style. From a young age, Dolan was always drawn to bright colors and patterns, but as she’s grown so has her style. After studying abroad in London last fall, her approach to fashion has adapted to the city’s utilitarian, yetchic vibe. She combines spirited patterns, solid colors and accessories to showcase a signature piece, while still being prepared for the day.

Dolan describes her personal style as “a mix between the patterns of the 1960s [with] modern minimalist color blocking.” When curating her wardrobe, Dolan likes to pick striking pieces such as long flare pants or trendy jackets, often evoking the mod aesthetic popularized by iconic model Twiggy. Pictured above is a classic Dolan look; she wears a fall toned tweed dress with a black turtleneck, black tights, and black leather booties. 

Despite often feeling “overdressed compared to many people at Mount Holyoke,” Dolan delights in dressing up as it provides her the confidence to be her true self. “[I feel most confident while] walking around and people can hear me coming because of the click of my heels,” she said. 

Although she enjoys dressing with a femme aesthetic, she occasionally wears masculine pieces. Above all, Dolan wears clothing that make her look and feel good, and isn’t concerned by the clothing’s intended gender.

Fashion is a way of expressing one’s personality, but it can also be therapeutic and liberating. Every night before she goes to sleep, Dolan picks out her outfit for the next morning. She describes this as a “self-care” moment that she does in order to feel ready to take on the next day.