How will students spend Thanksgiving break?

Graphic by Carrie Clowers ’18

Graphic by Carrie Clowers ’18


Although Mount Holyoke College’s Thanksgiving break is only five days, students always try to make the most of it. With midterm exams ending, students are relieved and ready to relax, whether it be on- or off-campus. 

Meredith Ao ’21 plans to stay on campus for Thanksgiving. “I’m a film studies major, so I plan to use my Thanksgiving break to watch classic Alfred Hitchcock movies, as well as do some reading.” Others like Ao plan to stay on campus and take time for themselves so that they can return to classes with fresh minds. “I’m planning to sleep and catch up on some Netflix shows,” said Remy Wang ’20.

For students who plan to stay at Mount Holyoke, there are some on-campus events taking place. “Vegan Thanksgiving” will be hosted by the Animal Welfare Association (AWA) in the Mead golden pear on Friday, Nov. 24. Stella Elwood ’19, president of AWA hopes that the event can provide a space for people on campus to eat good food and bond. 

“We decided to hold this event because we know that many people, for various reasons, will not be able to celebrate with their families or to eat the food that their families serve,” said Elwood. “Along with eating and spending time together, we also want to think about and discuss what Thanksgiving really means for each of us. We will be serving cheezy potato mash, roasted glazed cauliflower, Garden Turk’y and pumpkin and apple pie,” Elwood said.

Some students do plan on going off-campus to visit friends or family. Frances Perkins scholar Amanda Clark-Martin ’18 said, “My fiancé and I are going to host a dinner at our place. We are even inviting some of my friends from campus over.” Emily Carle ’21 and Emilia Nobrega ’20 are also planning to visit their families. “I’m going to New Hampshire to spend some time with my family,” said Carle, while Nobrega said that she was excited to see both her family and cats. 

Emily Castner ’18 has already made a detailed plan for her break. “My nuclear family of five is picking me up on Wednesday morning and dropping off my tiny fake Christmas tree,” said Castner. “We’re all cramming into the RAV-4 and driving to stay at my grandparents’ place in the Poconos.” 

Megi Hoxha ’21 hasn’t made a plan, but anticipates being spontaneous during the break. “I just know that I will be in Vermont hanging out with my friends,” said Hoxha. “I am not sure what we will do, but I’m sure we’ll have fun.”