First years and seniors sound off on MHC’s party scene


Verity O’Connell ’20

“Living in Rockies, it’s easy to know about parties, because I usually hear them, but often when I go, nothing’s really happening, or no music is playing and it’s kind of boring. The few parties I’ve been to in the Delles have been fun though.”

Olivia Arco ’20

“At MHC there are different social circles and frequently it seems like those circles dictate parties; if you’re in one of the circles that likes partying it’s easy to find and enjoy parties, but a lot of the time other people are left out. I think the social circles throwing parties would be inclusive of anyone wanting to be included in a party, but usually people don’t feel comfortable putting themselves out there in that way.”

Leo Rachman ’20

“I don’t go to many parties on campus but my friends always go and I know they always end up finding something. Even though I don’t go, I like meeting up with them the next day for a meal and hearing all about it. The few parties I have gone to on campus have been fun, but they tend to get very very loud.”

Cora Melcher ’20

“I think the party scene at Mount Holyoke is really cute and inclusive. There’s always something to do and there’s always a party, but it does seem a lot like you need to know the right people to be able to go to a party. It can be a bit hard to find out about if you are not in the right circles.”

Mary Pura ’17

“It’s fun to have the big on-campus events like Drag Ball where the whole community comes out. It’s more small groups on a typical weekend.”

Rachele Carbutt ’17

“Most of the on-campus parties are big for the queer community. Being straight, obviously you’re totally welcome and you can have fun, but the LGBTQ community is a big part of it.”

Erin Jones ’17

“Well, first year I didn’t really go to any parties because I thought they would be scary. So I just didn’t have friends yet that would go to parties. But over the years I just sort of met more people and expanded my social circle and that introduced me to a lot more parties and different kinds of them, which was nice. I’ve experienced everything from the wild and crazy Chapin parties to a birthday party in the Delles or just a casual, Saturday night party in Rockies common room. I’ve really come around to them. Most of them are really fun. It’s particularly nice when they don’t get broken up by campus police. And on occasion they will have a really good DJ to get the music going ’cause then people start dancing. I think they are fun and I don’t think it’s too crazy on campus. It’s not an overwhelming party scene but it’s also not a totally underwhelming party scene.

Savannah Vasco ’17

“The party scene is pretty much off campus, specifically after you turn 21. I went to Amherst and UMass when I was under 21 and usually was un- comfortable and didn’t like it.”