Springie Spotlight!


Hannah Berry ’22

A white wintery landscape welcomed Hannah Berry ’22 to Mount Holyoke this spring. Coming from California, she had never seen snow before, so the snowstorm in her first week was one in a long list of college “firsts.”

Berry brings with her a varied range of experiences, from her background in dance to her time abroad in Paris last fall. “Dance has been a serious passion of mine all throughout my life, and I’ve seriously studied ballet, modern and contemporary since fifth grade,” Berry said. “I have performed with my various studios as well as with choreographers and companies in [Los Angeles].” Berry is excited to explore dance classes not only at Mount Holyoke but also in the Five College area. “I love the environment that the dance program fosters as well as the quality of the teachers, studios and classes,” she said

Using this past fall to her advantage, Berry attended the American University of Paris, living near the Eiffel Tower and immersing herself in Parisian culture. Berry took architecture classes while she was abroad. “The class embarked on field trips to all of the beautiful buildings in Paris and I got to learn about them firsthand,” she said. When she wasn’t busy admiring the fascinating French architecture, she was able to visit Vienna, Stockholm, Tromso, Amsterdam, Florence and other towns in France. Considering the memorable experiences she had in Europe, she is strongly considering taking a semester abroad.

Berry looks forward to making the most of the specialized resources that Mount Holyoke has to offer. One alluring resource on campus, the Williston Library, drew her to Mount Holyoke as a prospective student. Being a huge “Harry Potter” fan probably also had something to do with it, and now in only the second week of classes, she says she has already found some ideal study spots. “I am excited to dive deeply into my studies, exploring everything from architecture to philosophy to film,” she said. “In addition I look forward to realizing my career interests and how I want to utilize my skills to make a difference in the world.”

A fun fact about Berry: She had a successful house cleaning business, but says that she can’t keep her own room clean!


Angela Kung ’22

Hailing from New York City, the cold and snow wasn’t much of a change for new spring admit Angela Kung ’22. And with an Associate of Arts degree under her belt already, Kung feels ready to face the road ahead.

After attending Bard High School Early College, where she earned her Associate’s degree, Kung deferred to the 2022 class of spring admits, with plans to graduate in May 2022 with the rest of her class. ]

When a counselor recommended she look into Smith College, Kung began exploring other options in the Five College Consortium, and Mount Holyoke drew her gaze. “Something that solidified my decision to commit to Mount Holyoke was meeting Elaine Cheung ’09 at the admitted students reception in New York,” Kung said. “[Cheung] showed me the type of person that attends Mount Holyoke […] She went out of her way to get a question that I had answered because she knew it would guide my decision. She also wrote an eight-paragraph long email detailing her college experience because I reached out to her!”

Kung is excited to take advantage of the liberal arts education that Mount Holyoke offers, lamenting that her high school did not offer much in the sphere of social sciences. She has a variety of interests within the area, and is currently taking a course load that includes psychology, sociology, gender studies and a first-year seminar in anthropology. Kung is also enthusiastic about playing ultimate frisbee and applying to the MoHealth team next semester.

Aside from the academic experiences Mount Holyoke has to offer, Kung is also looking forward to finding her place among her peers. “Spring semester started out cold because it literally snowed the first week on campus, but also because everyone seems to know each other already,” she said, though she has been able to meet “some really awesome people” through orientation and online. “I am really looking forward to making those life-long relationships and finding that community I belong in.”

A fun fact about Kung: she can wiggle her ears!