MHC voted 6 in Forbes’ “Best Colleges for International Students”

Graphic by Hannah Roach '17

Graphic by Hannah Roach '17


Mount Holyoke was ranked sixth in a list of Forbes’ “Best Colleges for International Students,” behind Bryn Mawr and Babson Colleges, in a study published this September. 

Forbes rates four-year private and public colleges based on academic rigor, the number of international students on campus, the rate of increase of international students, their graduation rates and whether the school offers strong programs in the fields Forbes describes as the most “popular majors” for international students, such as those in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math) as well as business and entrepreneurship.

Babson College was ranked number one on the list, followed by Bryn Mawr and Claremont McKenna Colleges. Overall, women’s colleges had a strong showing, with Bryn Mawr ranked 2and Mount Holyoke 6. Smith College followed at number 14.   

According to the rankings, Mount Holyoke is comprised of 25 percent international students, with a 90 percent graduation rate. Bryn Mawr also has 25 percent international students, but they have a 92 percent graduation rate. Smith has 14 percent international students and a 94 percent international student graduation rate. 

Last year 1 million international students came to the United States to attend college — the highest rate in 35 years, according to the Institute of International Education. According to the Mount Holyoke website, Mount Holyoke is home to over 400 international students from more than 70 countries.