SGA E-Board and Class Board officials elected


This year’s All Campus Elections took place over the last week, opening on March 31 and closing April 8. All positions for Class Boards, as well as the SGA Executive Board, were open. The winners were announced Tuesday, April 12 in Senate by the All Campus Elections Committee.

The elections this year were the first to meet quorum in six years, according to the ACE representatives who presented at Senate. Quorum being met means that over half the student body participated in the vote. However, many positions remain open within all of the Class Boards. Chair of Senate, chair of halls and chair of organizations candidates were nominated in Senate on April 12. The elections will be held April 19 in Senate if quorum is met.

The new SGA president, Marwa Mikati ’17, was SGA vice president this year. In an email with MHN, she explained that this role will be different for her: “I am hoping to continue working on the projects I have begun as vice president, namely: following up on already passed memorandums, increasing the visibility of Student Financial Services, services during breaks, and anything that the student body brings up.” To Mikati, “being SGA president means that I get to push for the changes the student body asks for, and I am extremely passionate about leaving MHC better than I entered it.”

Achaetey Kabal ’17 is the newly elected vice president of Senate. When asked about what her plans were in her new position, Kabal wrote, “I’m hoping to change the way students approach leadership on campus.” Kabal discussed her thoughts on the mentality surrounding elections: “Mount Holyoke leadership positions are too often granted to friends rather than people who are actually interested/ qualified. We get this idea that leadership is reserved for this small percentage of campus that’s involved with everything. As soon as someone becomes a student here, they should know that every leadership opportunity on campus is available to them.”

Kabal explained to MHN what the position means and entails, writing: “To me, it means being a source of support for the campus, whether it’s the E-board, senators, or students in general. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to witness SGA grow throughout my time at MHC, and I want to be responsible for its future growth into the voice of the students.”

Lan Ha ’17 will be the treasurer for the upcoming academic year. She wrote, “I am extremely honored to be elected.” To Ha, “This role allows me not only to utilize my bookkeeping experiences and economic knowledge, but also to make a difference in students’ welfare and to foster an even more energetic and diverse environment.”

The new secretary position will be filled by Sarzah Yeasmin ’18. For her, hold- ing a position on the upcoming year’s E- Board will be particularly significant. She writes, “This is a critical and transitional moment for the school. With the passing of the Trans Memorandum, we are also having a new college president, new tuition plans, and a number of prominent professors leaving and new professors coming in as we experience ourselves moving through the changing ambitions of the school.”

Anna Zheng ’18 is Senate’s new chair of committees. She is most excited for her chance to “inspire others to explore their potential as leaders while challenging myself to continue to grow and be- come a stronger student leader and team member.” Bobbie Green ’19 was elected E- Board’s public relations officer.

The Class Board positions are largely filled, but with several open spaces. Class of 2019 president is Sue Shi ’19, who just finished her term as treasurer for the class. Her main goals are to strengthen bonding within the class, meet with their 50 year connection class and celebrate both new and old traditions. Vice president, Aryaa Rajouria ’19 emphasized the importance of maintaining the elfing and bunnying traditions, as well as continuing the project “Sphinxes of 2019.” This is a video project that celebrates the class year and the individuals who make it a unique class. Victoria Yan ’19 will act as treasurer for the class, and Sunan Qian

’19 will be one of the social chairs. The other social chair seat is vacant as well as the secretary position.

Class of 2018 President Aayushi Mishra ’18, described her new responsibilities as a leader in her class: “It will be my job to oversee the Big/Little program, wherein the goal is to make everyone from the Junior and First-year classes feel included and involved.” She highlighted her own hopes for the position, explaining, “It is my personal goal to ensure that every voice of my fellow Pegasi is heard and addressed.” The other elected board member is Isabelle Tan ’18. Tan will be the treasurer. All other positions are vacant.

The Senior Class Board President is Juliet Martone ’17. Martone is excited for her next and final year on Class Board. According to Martone, “This is the year we tie things up.” She, Haley Robinson ’17 and Omi Afzaal ’17 will all be returning for their third year on Class Board. Robinson will be acting as a social chair, with the other seat being vacant. Afzaal and Sarah Hwang ’17 will be the Head Class Agents for 2017. Azulina Green ’17 was elected vice president of Class Board. Martone wrote, “I am so excited to work with them again, and to welcome our fabulous new board members! We have all gone through so many rites of passage, like Elfing, Ring and Rose Ceremony and J-Show, and now we get to celebrate how far we’ve all come. It’s going to a busy and memorable year together.”