Super Bowl LI: Patriots defeat Falcons in OT


The New England Patriots overcame a 25-point deficit to defeat the Atlanta Falcons in the largest comeback in Super Bowl history. Here’s what Mount Holyoke students have to say about the record-breaking win: 

Jenny Centofanti ’18 

“I was at a friend’s viewing party on Sunday and was ready to leave once Gostkowski missed the kick. I was just so heartbroken; it felt like the start to another disappointing year. But as I was getting my coat I heard all the hype from living room, the energy just changed instantly once the Pats got the two-pointer. When the Pats finally won, there was this overwhelming joy in the room and sense that all was right with the world again. The Pats winning gives me the hope I needed for 2017.” 


Sé Ferrell ’20 

“Personally I think the Patriots are a bit slimy, but I have to admit that their comeback from being down 25 points in the second half was impressive.” 


Ally Tessier '17 

“When the tables turned and the Pats tied the game up, it was so emotional my friends and I ran around screaming and had to find a new common room to watch the game in.” 


Josie Cooper '20 

“It was the most absurd game I had ever seen, but in a good way.” 


Minerva Veeser-Bobea ’20 

“I love the Pats! Back home my neighbors would all meet up to watch the game and this year I got to do that with my soccer team. This game was absolutely incredible and will definitely be remembered for years to come.” 

Susannah Lickus '20 

“I was so surprised that the Patriots won. I was trying to be a good fan and watch the whole game, but after the halftime show I stopped watching because it looked like there was no hope. I was about to head to bed, but my dad texted me saying that the game was tied. At first I thought he was joking, but I quickly turned on the game and he was right.”