Rowing team takes on Coast Guard Academy


Mount Holyoke Rowing traveled to New London, Conn. to race against Coast Guard Academy on Saturday.  The Lyons matched up against the Bears in two 2,000-meter races, a varsity 8 boat race and a novice 4 boat race, winning the varsity 8 race.

Crossing the line first by nearly 20 seconds, with a time of 5:53.3, was Mount Holyoke’s varsity 8 boat A, comprised of Leela Woody ’17, Ariya Lawson ’18, Elizabeth Hazen ’20, Sophie Rabinow ’18, Azulina Green ’17, Sharlow Hitchcock ’19, Susannah Lickus ’20 and Hannah LeBlanc ’20. The Bears’ varsity 8 boat trailed MHC with a time of 6:16.0.

Woody debriefed the 1V’s success,  saying, “We had a quick and effective race. Coming off the water, we were pleased with the results and our rowing, and more importantly we had a clear idea of what we wanted to work on in the upcoming week in order to prepare for the next race.”

In the same race, Mount Holyoke’s varsity 8 boat B placed third with a time of 6:25.1. The crew was comprised ofZoe Zelkowitz ’19, Halee Mahoney ’20, Mira Rosenkotz ’20, Emma Taylor ’20, Sriya Pradhan ’19, Briana Chace ’17, Mahirah Mustaffa ’19, Nicole Villacres ’18 and Mira Kelly-Fair ’17.

In the novice 4 boat race, Kelly-Fair, Maya Sterett ’20, Clare Zicari ’19, Olivia Vejcik ’20 and Amelia Green ’20 represented the Lyons, finishing second to Coast Guard with a time of 7:36.7.

With 10 mph winds and a tail current adding an extra challenge, Woody noted that this race was “a good opportunity for the entire team to practice in less than ideal weather conditions.” Rabinow added that “the conditions were pretty difficult.”

Woody reflected on the team’s effort as a whole, saying, “I was pleased with the team’s performance this past Saturday, and think that the race was a good representation of the team’s growth in terms of racing. Overall, I was proud of the performance and composure from all the rowers and coxswains in all of the boats.”

The rowing team will return to the water this Saturday, April 30 to race in the NEWMAC Championship on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, Mass. “We are looking forward to building on the momentum this upcoming week for NEWMACs,” said Woody. “Moving forward, we have our eyes set on putting together the fastest race possible and demonstrating our speed and determination on the water this Saturday.”