New England Patriots win Super Bowl LIII


On Sunday, Feb. 3, the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams with a score of 13-3, marking the Patriots’ sixth Super Bowl victory.

As a self-professed “die-hard Pats fan,” Emily Carle ’21 would never miss a Super Bowl. Even though this year she described the game as “very boring,” because she prefers offensive-heavy games, Carle was thrilled about the Patriots win. “[The game] seals Tom Brady’s legacy as the greatest player of all time, and the past 18 years of the Patriots as a dynasty,” she said.

Carle cites the highlights of the game as the catch by Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski that set up Sony Michel’s touchdown in the last seven minutes of the game and Stephon Gillmore’s interception. “That was huge and I was glad the Patriots didn’t waste the interception on offense. I was worried [Stephen] Gostkowski’s missed kick at the beginning would come back to bite the Patriots like it did last Super Bowl, but I’m glad it didn’t,” she said.

Carle was surprised at the low-scoring game, expecting more action from the two teams. “Myself and many others were expecting a close game, say 30-27,” she said. “But again, I’m really happy. I think [Julian] Edelman was a good pick for MVP, and I’m glad Gronk made an impact in this game because I think he will be retiring within the next week.”

Continuing the Patriots’ weekend celebrations, Elyse Tunkelrott ’20 made the trip to Boston to work the Super Bowl Parade on Tuesday, Feb. 5. Returning to their job at Boston Duck Tours, where they have worked for two years, Tunkelrott looked forward to seeing their “fantastic” coworkers.

“The atmosphere was unreal, it felt like the whole city of Boston came together to celebrate,” they said. “Even though it took me over an hour to clean the confetti off the duck, I wouldn’t have missed this for the world!”